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The Fondazione Cariello Corbino is an Italian no profit organization, founded in January 2017 in loving memory of Silvana Cariello (married Corbino), simply a wonderful Italian mother, grandmother and wife, a few months after her death, by initiative of her family. Its purpose is to spread the values of love and solidarity that she preached and practiced through all her life. It is based in Sorrento, South of Italy, by her nephew law firm, in the same building where she was born in 1941. The Foundation also aims to remember the figure and the works of her brother Luigi Cariello (notary), her father in law Epicarmo Corbino (father of the Italian constitutional chart, economist) and his brother Orso Mario Corbino (scientist and politician).
The Foundation is not built on large family patrimony, but of an enormous ethical heritage and an endless faith in humanity.

Alcuni Progetti

  • I nostri progetti in Africa

    OGVT - Orfanotrofio Gazelles - Rugari, Nord Kivu, regione est della Repubblica Democratica del Congo, Africa Equatoriale.

  • I nostri progetti per Napoli

    - Ronin Karate Sports Chanbara Club Quartieri Spagnoli --- - Orchestra Sinfonica Quartieri Spagnoli e Musica Libera Tutti di Scampia;

La vita, prima di tutto!

Us, You and Them...


  • One-time supported projects

    The Covid19 emergency in the first months of 2020 has caused a severe blow to the world economy, particularly affecting the weaker sections of the population. In this period, the Cariello Corbino Foundation felt the moral obligation to support some projects carried out by known and reliable partners with small but significant sums, to allow […]

    By Editorial staff | 03/06/2020

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  • Skip it Community: our first international partnership

    We are proud to announce that we just signed an agreement with the UK organization  “SKIP IT Community” to fund-raise for our Congo project “Les Gazelles de Silvana – youth and community center” (we don’t like to call it Orphanage), in Rumanagabo, Nord Kivu Region. Skip It Community was setup by a group of volunteers […]

    By Editorial staff | 11/03/2019

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