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01Mission and vision

The Fondazione Cariello Corbino – ETS is an Italian no profit organization, founded in January 2017 in loving memory of Silvana Cariello (married Corbino), simply a wonderful Italian mother, grandmother and wife, a few months after her death, by initiative of her family. Its purpose is to spread the values of love and solidarity that she preached and practiced through all her life. It is based in Sorrento, South of Italy, by her nephew law firm, in the same building where she was born in 1941.

The philosophy of the  Cariello Corbino Foundation is summarized in the logo EarthHeart, that constitutes its pillars: “Heart”, symbol of pure charity projects to improve the fate of the less fortunate, returning prospects and quality to their lives. “Earth” symbolizes the wider ideal context in which the Foundation moves: sustainable development, the future of humanity and our planet, the economic and social relationships between human beings and the environment around them.

The Foundation is not built on large family patrimony, but of an enormous ethical heritage and an endless faith in humanity.

02Charity projects

Helping people to help people

is our motto, an invitation to take action in real life, beyond participation on (albeit important) social media. The Foundation wants infact to be a project of life, which goes against the agony that we seem to have resigned to: wars, pollution, selfishness, ignorance, inability to understand the reasons of each other and to be recognized only as human beings.

03Aim and Goals

We have chosen to support projects managed by women to help children, minors and other women, since we think that empowering women is key to build a better world.

The aim will be achieved through practices devoted to:

foster human dignity and civil rights, with regard to minors, women, elders and drop-out people, in every sector and especially in welfare;

foster equal opportunities and woman’s role in nowadays society;

promote peace and intercultural understanding;

enable the diffusion of theories and practices of sustainable development (circular economy, social justice, environmental protection);

foster education, information and scientific research in every field and especially in economics, physic, mathematics and law;

protect and foster any form of art as an instrument of moral growth;

protect and foster the natural, cultural heritage, as well as architecture and landscape so to entrench beauty as an absolute value;

promote a harmonious development of the human being in its affective, spiritual, economic and social sides;

promote a culture of prevention in any sector, as well as of active citizenship, ethics and legality.

Total financed projects in brief:

Year Projects Countries Donations to partners per year (€) Donations to partners: Total (€)
2017 3 DR Congo (1); Italy (2) € 10.235,38 € 10.235,38
2018 3 DR Congo (2); Italy (1) € 87.750,00 € 97.985,38
2019 6 DR Congo (3); Italy (1); Uganda (1);
Pakistan (1)
€ 85.863,00 € 183.848,38
2020 10 DR Congo (4); Italy (2); Uganda (1); Pakistan (2), Malawi (1) € 60.640,70 € 244.489,08
2021 7 DR Congo (4); Uganda (1); Pakistan (1),
Malawi (1)
€ 67.320,82 € 311.809,90
7 DR Congo (4); Uganda (1); Pakistan (1),
Malawi (1)
€ 97.177,89 € 408.987,79