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Code of Ethics and financial statements

fondazionecariellocorbino / Code of Ethics and financial statements
Since its inception, the Cariello Corbino Foundation has adopted a code of ethics, as a further instrument of transparency in its work to guarantee donors and partners.

1. Publication of the financial statements.

The annual financial statements, certified by the auditor, together with the social one, will be published on the Foundation's website
in April. Digital or paper copy will be sent to the main donors (starting from 1.000 €).
Any donor, upon request, has the right to discuss with the managers of the Foundation for any clarifications on the budget.

2. Current account and transparency

It is not possible for the managers of the Foundation to receive short-term money. All donations, even the smallest or those which by their nature involve the collection of cash (for example collections on the occasion of charity events) must be credited to the current account. Likewise, every expense must be made by bank transfer or debit / credit cards. The use of cash withdrawals can only be made in exceptional cases (e.g. trips in which it is necessary to change money in local currency) and, in any case, it must be duly authorized and reported. The current account thus becomes a real balance sheet, and any donor will be able to view it upon request (see Article 1).

3. Choice of the Bank and suppliers

The Foundation has chosen to open its own account at the Naples branch of the Banca Popolare Etica, and therefore not to support the system of the so-called “armed banks” or those institutions that operate according to speculative financial logic.
The Foundation will endeavor to choose its suppliers from among those who adhere to the principles of solidarity and circular economy.

4. Choice and management of projects

The Foundation only supports projects that fully reflect its founding values and of which it has in-depth direct knowledge.
The Foundation undertakes to constantly monitor the efficiency of the expenditure of its contributions to beneficiaries, reserving the right to suspend the disbursement if there are any doubts in this regard.

5. Donors and partners

The Foundation cannot accept contributions of dubious origin, nor engage in partnerships with companies and organizations (profit or non-profit) whose work and / or whose policies conflict with the founding values of the Foundation.
These donations must necessarily be returned to the sender

6. Public / private

The Foundation must always be able to be independent in its decision-making power, and can never be bound to the will of a public decision-maker and in any case different from the internal governing bodies.
Therefore his balance sheet must always consist of at least 51% of money from private sources. In general, considering the corruption of the institutions and the inefficiency of the public administration the primary cause of the socio-economic degradation of the areas in which it operates, the Foundation will carefully evaluate the opportunity to participate in public tenders.

7. Management costs

The Foundation will always limit management and operating costs to the maximum. 100% of the specific donations to projects will always be allocated exclusively to projects and nothing can be used for general management costs.
If contributions of another nature are received (e.g. 5X1000, annuities, etc.), the Foundation cannot commit more than 10% of these contributions to cover any management costs of the structure (utilities, employees, suppliers, consultancy, ...) and projects (business trips). Also in this case, all expenses must be inspired by principles of sobriety, effectiveness and efficiency (for example: travel in second class or equivalent - see art. 8).

8. Travelling costs

In case of trips to visit the projects, all expenses (travel, food, accommodation, local transport, visa, insurance, etc.) must be borne by the individual volunteers. Exceptions may be provided for in the event that it is necessary to take advantage of the work of specialists (for example: doctors, engineers, etc.) of which there is urgency and need.

9. Protection of the dignity of minors and of the beneficiaries of the Foundation

The Foundation protects the dignity of its beneficiaries, in particular of minors, by keeping their identity confidential and by not exposing, on social media and mass communication, images of degradation and suffering.

10. Fund raising activities…

…must be characterized, as far as possible, by personal contact with the donor, avoiding invasive systems such as spam mail in digital or paper form.
In fact, the Foundation does not seek distracted one-off donors, but communities that adopt our communities, establishing a lasting bond of mutual affection and trust, of which the Foundation is only the first intermediary.

Una donna di Rumangabo al primo corso di cucito
organizzato presso “Les Gazelles de Silvana”, gen. 2020

Financial Statements

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