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Projects List


01. Gazelles children and community centre – Democratic Republic of Congo

Gazelles de Silvana is an Orphanage in Rugari – Nord Kivu, in Democratic Republic of Congo.


02. Ronin Club

The Ronin have to pay for their own expenses and equipment such as travel costs to competitions expensive swards. They don’t receive any help from government and…


03. Youth Orchestras Support

Every year the Cariello Corbino Foundation loves to remember Silvana Cariello with a joyful event, often a concert, the “party for Silvana”.


04. I Tchukudu Kids – Democratic Republic of Congo

The Tchukudu is a wooden bike used in Goma that symbolizes strength, endurance and overcoming difficulties.


05. Isle of Idjwi – Democratic Republic of Congo

The island of Idjwi of Lake Kivu, in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a really lovely place.


06. Women and Children with Albinism Uganda (WACWAU)

Lee Simms, our representative in the United Kingdom, as well as our dear friend, hadn’t finished describing this…


07. Food programme, Pakistan

This programme is supported via a registered organisation in Pakistan called ‘Support Children’ who deliver both food programmes for school children…


08. Solar energy – Malawi

Sopowerful is a Dutch foundation with the mission “solar where it matters most”. Together with local partners, solar systems are implemented…


09. Apprenticeship for carpenters – Pygmy community – D. R. Congo

One of our goals in the Democratic Republic of Congo is to create jobs by improving the technical skills of the local population of North Kivu.


11. Covid 19 emergency in Naples

Due to the Covid emergency, the Cariello Corbino Foundation felt the need to help the less fortunate people, who were experiencing moments of great difficulty.


12. Mawimbi – Environmental Education

Mawimbi (“waves” in Swahili) is the environmental education project of the Cariello Corbino Foundation, born in July 2018.


13. Palestine – Support to Jasmin Flower Kindegarten

The Zahrat Al Yasmeen Kindergarten is a safe and secure place in which children learn about their world in a loving…