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80067 Sorrento (Naples) – Italy

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03. Youth Orchestras Support

Every year the Cariello Corbino Foundation loves to remember Silvana Cariello with a joyful event, often a concert, the “party for Silvana”. In this we have found the friendly support of great artists such as the pianist luca Amitrano and the conductor of the Orchestra Luigi Grima, who have helped us to involve young musicians and singers who can thus perform in prestigious contexts.

3. Project name: Youth Orchestras Support
Country / Place Italy / Napoli
Purpose of the project Support to youth orchestras for underpriviledged children
Beneficiaries About 50 children from 2 orchestras
Local Partner Orchestra Sinfonica dei quartieri spagnoli; orchestra Musica Libera Tutti – Centro Hurtado
FCC type of support Exhibition organization; financial
International partners
Notes: The orchestras performed fro FCC at the famous Teatro Augusteo in Napoli.
Donations per year (€) Euros (activities, items)
2017 650/00  (scholarships)
2021 300/00 (scholarships)


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