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04. I Tchukudu Kids – Democratic Republic of Congo

After supporting the Tchukudu Kids’ Orphanage in Goma, DRC for many years (since 2009  – one year after the orphanage was set up – as individuals and from 2017 as FCC ), we are closing this project, since all responsibilities have been assumed by a group of woman from Canada. We wish them further success.

(The Tchukudu is a wooden bike used in Goma that symbolizes strength, endurance and overcoming difficulties).

In 2008, 12 young children that became orphans due to years of violent conflict in the Masisi region in eastern DRC, were taken to Goma and lodged in a small wooden hut on the outskirts of the city.

Kizungu Hubert became the director of the orphanage and in 2012 registered an NGO, Volunteers in Mission for Children Care – VMC, with the following objectives:

  • take care of orphans and vulnerable children to provide them with harmonious growth and education
  • assist vulnerable populations in the economic, health and social development sectors
  • fight ignorance, illiteracy, malnutrition and undernourishment
  • train young people through apprenticeship seminars
  • empower women and promote gender equality
  • assist victims in case of disaster, accident or epidemic

Helen Pope and Alberto Corbino, at that time volunteers in neighboring Rwanda, visited the project for the first time in 2009 and have since then supported Kizungu in his work.

Results since 2009 (with generous contributions from Heather Haynes, Cathy Cleary, Michael and Carole Holiday and their friends) have been:

  • a new house
  • a kitchen and bathroom for children
  • a play area
  • security wall
  • installation of water tanks
  • a women’s training center
  • a school and health clinic


4.  Project name: Tchukudu Kids
Country / Place Democratic Republic of Congo /  Nord Kivu / Goma
Purpose of the project Orpahanage – Children center
Beneficiaries 30 minors
Local Partner Volunteers in Mission for Children Care – VMC
FCC type of support Financial
International partners Dr. Helen Pope (
Notes: Local person in charge: Mr Kizungu Hubert
Donations per year (€) Euros (activities, items)
2017 2.700/00  (food and other dialy needs)
2018 650/00  (food and other daily needs)
2021 3.000/00 (emergency due to Nyriagongo volcano eruption near Goma)
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