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12. Mawimbi – Environmental Education

Mawimbi (“waves” in Swahili) is the environmental education project of the Cariello Corbino Foundation, born in July 2018. The project is led by the biologist Lorenzo Lodato, to whom it owes its name.

It is not a question of declaring themselves environmentalists but of being women and men of common sense, because as Epicarmo Corbino wrote in 1974, “It will take a great effort from now on to convince men that the battle, which will soon take place, is not one of the usual political struggles, but is the battle for the survival of man on Earth” (E. Corbino “EEE – Economy Energy Ecology)

Mawimbi was conceived as an umbrella project under which all the initiatives in support of the Earth will be carried out. This is one of the two pillars of the Foundation that we wanted to highlight in the EartHeart logo itself.

In the Mawimbi logo, a heart-shaped land-sea – reminiscent of the original logo of the Foundation, are carved the 4 words that define it: EnvironMental EducAction.

  • Environment
  • Mental: as it is necessary to change the mentality of consumers, companies and institutions
  • Education: of new and old generations,
  • Action: because Mawimbi will not only be education but also concrete action of volunteering, proposal and change towards a new economic model.

From May 2022 the activities of Mawimbi will be carried on by the wonderful group of volunteers of ‘N Sea Yet, a Naples based association that works to spread awareness on environmental protection and  circular economy. We have signed an agreement to become their social sponsor, therefore we will financially support, as far as we can, their creativity and their passion for a more ecologically aware Naples and Italy

12. Project name: Mawimbi – EnvironMental  EducAction
Country / Place Italy
Purpose of the project Promoting environmental education by example
Beneficiaries Napoli community and other communities in Italy
Local Partner Local associations and small sponsors
FCC type of support Financial, management, operational
International partners
Notes: The programme is carryed out by volunteers mainly during holidays & free time
Donations per year (€) Euros (activities, items)
2018 Donations of items / services  for beach cleaning – EarthDay
2019 Donations of items for the “Posilliplogging” street cleaning  (Napoli, 6 October)
2022 Donations to the Neapolitan environmental association N’ Sea Yet (1000,00 Euro)–>


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