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Skip it Community: our first international partnership

Skip it Community, Pakistan

We are proud to announce that we just signed an agreement with the UK organization  “SKIP IT Community” to fund-raise for our Congo project “Les Gazelles de Silvana – youth and community center” (we don’t like to call it Orphanage), in Rumanagabo, Nord Kivu Region.

Skip It Community was setup by a group of volunteers working to raise money for malnourished children around the world whilst helping you the donor become a healthier version of you.

The concept is simple: ‘Pause before you indulge and skip a treat to help another’.
Skip a beer, glass of wine, cup of coffee, slice of cake or a treat to make yourself healthier and donate 60p to SKIP IT which will feed a child in return.

Skip It’s first project began raising funds for a community in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and now they will also support our project. Funds are equally divided between each community.

In Pakistan (see picture) the meals will consist of fruit, eggs, bread and a glass of milk on most occasions or food of the equivalent nutritional value on other occasions.  In the Democratic Republic of the Congo meals for the 65 children are mostly made up of beans and rice or potatoes. These are cooked with tomatoes and onions. Green vegetables or avocado are also included. Our organization has also built a hen-house that provides the kids with about 10 eggs a day and it’s building a larger one.

In Rawalpindi, Skip It Community is partnered with registered charity Support Children – Society to Uphold Protect and Promote the Rights of Children. Support children was conceived and established in august 2002, with the aim to provide relief and hope to the socially vulnerable and less fortunate children from down-trodden families living in slums in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Based on the conviction that today’s Children are tomorrow’s leaders, Support children is committed to bring a constructive change and perpetual hope into the lives of disadvantaged children by ensuring their physical, mental, social and spiritual development and empowering their families. Support believes in sustainable development, working with communities rather than working for them and most importantly laying emphasis on embossing the existing resources within the communities.

All we do is trying to give back to children the rights to childhood that people’s gree have taken away from them.
And now the Skip it PayPal button will make it easier.

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