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Donation Total: €100.00

02. Ronin Club

Ronin Club – Karate & Chanbara School – Naples (Spanish Neighborhood) 

Beneficiaries: 90 pupils trained by a volunteer Karen Torre with the help of some of her older students now champions.

Aims: The Ronin have to pay for their own expenses and equipment such as travel costs to competitions expensive swards. They don’t receive any help from government and up to now have only received little donations. We want to contribute by giving them 4000€ to pay for: pupils with major needs, older students who now help Karen, new equipment and necessary medical facilities like a defibrillator.

he project: Karen Torre a European Champion started teaching Karate and Chanbara (Japanese Fencing) in the Spanish Neighborhood of Naples in 2012. It was a tough start for her as the people were skeptical and there was no help from institutions. But Karen (half English and half Neapolitan) was tougher still and slowly built her way through creating a little oasis with 90 children and teenagers in the Chapel of San Matteo where she teaches as a volunteer every day after work.


In this way children are kept busy away from the most dangerous streets of the city and much more as they have also achieved amazing results as now they are Regional, National, European and World Champions! The greatest thing of all the Ronin Club is also a home for many foreign children which have mingled with the Neapolitans creating a lovely international atmosphere.

2. Project name: Chanbara Kids
Country / Place Italy  / Napoli
Purpose of the project Martial arts for underprivileged minors
Beneficiaries 80 minors (from 5 to 18; different nationalities)
Local Partner Ronins Karate and Chanbara Sports ASD
FCC type of support Financial; Fund-Raising with local sponsors.
International partners none
Notes: Many of these children became Italian, European and World champions! Cultural inclusion of foreign communities kids of the Quarteri Spagnoli neighb.
Donations per year (€) Euros (activities, items)
2017 4.000/00  (uniforms, gears; travel expences to abroad championships)
2018 4.000/00  (uniforms, gears; travel expences to abroad championships)
2019 1.300/00  (uniforms, gears; travel expences to abroad championships)
2020 740/00   (uniforms, gears)
We may be just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made of drops indeed!

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