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One-time supported projects

The Covid19 emergency in the first months of 2020 has caused a severe blow to the world economy, particularly affecting the weaker sections of the population. In this period, the Cariello Corbino Foundation felt the moral obligation to support some projects carried out by known and reliable partners with small but significant sums, to allow them to survive. For the transparency that we have taken on as our brand and our pride, we want to be accountable to the donors, specifying that in any case the Italian projects have been covered by donations from the founding members. Here is the list.

Mali, solar panel for orphanage: 500 euros. The solar panel, created by the small Dutch NGO Sopowerful, was necessary to activate the water pump in the Streetwise orphanage in Mali, also ensuring a greater level of hygiene for the children and the community. The results are in this moving video.

Congo, fund for the widows of the Rangers of the Virunga National Park. As reported in our article, on April 24 2020, 12 young rangers and a driver from the Virunga National Park, our partner in our first and main project - Les Gazelles de Silvana - were killed in a gunfight with the rebel militias, a few hundred meters from our orphanage. The CCF decided to donate € 2,000 to the Rangers Widows Fund of the Virunga National Park, whose financial resources have been put in serious crisis by the blockade of tourism ex Covid19.

Italy - Naples - support for needy families and homeless. In Naples, as elsewhere in Italy and around the world, the number of poor families increased during the Covid19 emergency. The Foundation received 250 euros from a founding member, and then donated (100 euros) to a well-known local association that assists poor families, and employed the remaining 150 by purchasing and directly delivering basic necessities to homeless people and families. family members in difficulty. 

Italy - Naples - Panaro Solidale. During the Covid19 emergency, two Neapolitan artists - Pina Andelora and Angelo Picone - lowered the panaro (basket) from their balcony to feed the homeless of the neighborhood with a steaming plate of pasta. Then the same panaro became a container for "who can put, who cannot take", filmed by the media around the world and then replicated in the city and in other parts of Italy as a concrete and metaphorical symbol of hope. The two associations of which Pina and Angelo are presidents - Vico Pazzariello and the Teatrino di Perzechella - which guard the most original and pure soul of the city - risk the closure for the debts accumulated due to blocking of tourist and performance activities ex Covid19. So, by collecting and relaunching their appeal, the Foundation has donated 500 euros, consistent with its Statute which has one of the founding pillars in supporting culture.

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