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06. The miraculous soap of women affected by albinism in Uganda

Lee Simms, our representative in the United Kingdom, as well as our dear friend, hadn’t finished describing this project for albino women in Uganda, that we found ourselves saying yes and agreeing to support the project (becoming this way our third in Africa).

Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda (WACWAU) is an NGO registered in Uganda, whose aim is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in the community: as a matter of fact, people with albinism in Africa live a condition of constant abuse and discrimination. Their economic, political, social and cultural rights are often compromised in a devastating way. Society’s ignorance on albinism has contributed to the exclusion, stigmatization and denial of fundamental human rights such as education and health. A very persistent misunderstanding puts their lives at risk: in everyday life people with albinism, especially women and children, are often treated not as human beings, and are considered incapable of doing anything.

With the loving guidance of Monica Norley, almost thirty women have joined this empowerment program (giving power, which means giving the tools and motivation to achieve goals), to form a social enterprise that produces soap and also launch a new type of natural soap: this is how Mama Mzungu was born.


Through the sustainable creation of work and “economic power”, we think that the perception of those affected by albinism can change and that this helps them to reach the level of respect and acceptance they deserve in Ugandan society. That’s why we think this soap can be miraculous, as it could help change the perception of these people in Uganda and in Africa. (find here the Facebook page of the project).

The Cariello Corbino Foundation will be the European operational arm of fund-raising for WACAWU, with the aim of supporting the marketing training projects for this product and we thank those of who want to support us. During the Covid19 crisis, in which many jobs and businesses were at risk, we also decided to buy some of the magnificent soaps of Mama Mzungu.

6. Project name: Women and Children with Albinism Uganda  (WACWAU)
Country / Place Uganda / Kampala
Purpose of the project Vocational training  for women empowerment, job creation;
Beneficiaries 10 women and 28 children affected by albinism
Local Partner WACWAU
FCC type of support Financial; Management
International partners Ms. Monica Norley; Asociación Tabaiba (ES)
Notes: Project spin off: Mama Mzungu ltd, natural soaps production (11 women employed) (
Donations per year (€) Euros  (activities, items)
2019  3.763/00 (vocational training)
2020 18.211/45  (from 2020 also: everyday needs financial support)
2021 23.985/82 (everyday needs; Mama Mzungu products purchase)
2022 21.501/39 (daily needs)


We may be just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made of drops indeed!


If you like what we try to achieve, please give us a helping hand.

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Please, help us supporting our projects.
Everyone deserves to dream!

Thank you!